She Can Go Where Pretty Girls Go
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 “Entertaining! Poignant! Informative! Engaging! Suspenseful!
She Can Go Where Pretty Girls Go is a pleasure to read from the first page to the last. It is a challenge in a story like this to serve up the celebrity dish without becoming mean-spirited, and Constance Gibson succeeds very well.”
          Kevin Meehan Ph.D., University of Central Florida

"Constance Gibson's debut as a writer is nothing short of brilliant!"
          Walter Greene, The New York Carib News

“Gibson’s story is a fascinating one.”
          Jeff Piorkowski, The Sun Messenger

“Constance Gibson’s new autobiography, She Can Go Where Pretty Girls Go, is a difficult book to put down. Not only did the story of Gibson’s life capture and hold this reader’s interest, the spirit and honesty with which she writes kept me turning pages. Few personal stories have left me with the profound sense of hope, promise, and love that her’s has. Read it once and be amazed at the story, read it again and let Miss Constance’s determination and generosity of spirit change your life.”
          Nancy Rosenwald, Director, Union Carnegie Library.

"A good read!  Very entertaining!" 

          Steven Littles,  Editor, Zephra Magazine 



She Can Go Where Pretty Girls Go takes you on a journey into the fascinating life of Constance Gibson. From performing on Cleveland’s historic TV show Upbeat to carving a successful niche in New York’s entertainment industry. Featuring the top names in fashion, music, and movies-Donna Karan, Adolfo, Naomi Campbell, Whitney Houston, SWV, TLC, Toni Braxton, Morgan Freeman, and others-this book is not only about fame and success but also about life’s lessons. It’s a compassionate and inspiring story about overcoming obstacles and the pains and joys of survival-with a surprisingly unique twist. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry, but most of all it will change your way of viewing the world.